Wish you could mine all the knowledge hidden in your e-mail inboxes ?
Want to retrieve the results of your previous searches ?
Want to share know-how and experiences easily and cheaply ?
Gartner, Inc. defines personal knowledge networks as “individual knowledge worker’s solutions to networking and knowledge sharing” that provide role-, device- and location-based connectivity and information.
By 2009, personal knowledge networks will be the predominant channels for KM in enterprises.

Through 2007, three-quarters of enterprise productivity gains will be attributes to KM and other knowledge-work enhancements.

-Gartner, Inc. Research Note,
December, 1, 2003

LinkedMinds is an innovative personal knowledge network solution that enables professionals to stay 'on top of their game' by linking them with real time information, their communities of experts, knowledge sharing and productivity tools.

LinkedMinds offers a desktop solution that incorporates intelligent search, graphical visualization of knowledge, and taxonomies into personal e-mail and other productivity tools for a secure, personalized knowledge network of people to share and collaborate on common interests.

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